"My dream? A desk."

Factory visit
Eszter at the factory checking the quality
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A lucky find
By chance, I stumbled upon a beautiful old school desk in Vienna, when my first son was only a month old. I thought it was wonderful, and just had to buy it!
It instantly became the centrepiece of our dining room.
A marvel and a real conversation starter. Every single person who saw it had a story to tell. Everybody wanted one.

It got me thinking…

Since then, we moved to a different home in a different city. We still have that old desk from Vienna and it still looks great wherever we put it. The kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the hall... it just fits in.

It’s where my first son started doodling. And later, where he sat with his brother, both concentrating on their drawings or their homework. Now my third child is using the desk, pursuing his own wonderful artistic adventures.

" was in the living room that EverDesk naturally found its place in our home. And my daughter, who never wanted to do her homework at a desk, takes turns with her sister in the evenings to work there. So this is a success."

Photographer, mother of two

Like most children, my kids seem to always want to be near me. And like most parents, I always want to know where they are. Also like most parents, I prefer not having my children completely take over my house with their stuff left lying around everywhere.

Over time, the old school desk led me to an important discovery. It slowly became the designated free-standing “workspace” for my children, and thus helping keep the rest of the house clear of their mess.

Equally important, I didn’t have to compromise on style. It simply looked good. With the desk being at the same level as an adult table, my kids like the experience of sitting high up. They see a new perspective and spare me from having to crouch down to make eye contact with them, when we work together. And because they are higher, I can see them wherever I am in the room and they can see me. We’re on the same level.

Try, try, try, try again
These moments with my children are very memorable. Wonderful times that I want every parent to experience.

This experience is something I wanted to share with other families and that is the reason I decided to design and produce my own desk - EverDesk. Improving on something that was already very special. Keeping the original classic look, but with cleverer and more stylish modern design. And making it suitable for both lefties and righties.

I started my journey eight years ago and it has not been as easy as you might think. My first attempt stopped almost as soon as it started. It just wasn’t right. I tried again.

The second time: same again. Just not the right people. The third time I got much further and even made a prototype. But I still didn’t like it. So, I threw everything away and went back to the drawing board.

Despite the setbacks, I’ve enjoyed every moment of this process. Even the failures. Each time, it’s brought me a little closer to what I was looking for. Finally, on my fourth attempt, I have made something that I am very proud of. And I have also found a talented and incredibly dedicated team to work with. It’s just a pleasure, every single day.

Now, the part I’ve been looking forward to most. Giving other parents and children the opportunity to create their own wonderful memories and stories with an EverDesk.

"I couldn't have done any of this without my amazing team of designers, engineers, craftsmen. I'm forever grateful for them, helping me realize a dream I never thought would come true. I'm truly amazed by their energy, drive and creativity.”

Eszter Papp
Creator of Everdesk

What makes an EverDesk an EverDesk?

The wood
Building an EverDesk is care, passion and attention to detail. It begins from the moment we choose the wood. European sessile oak, which is 80-100 years old and only from FSC®certified forests. This FSC® label means that the wood has been harvested to benefit communities, wildlife and the environment. Every tree is replanted for future generations to enjoy.

When the tree has been harvested, we wait a further 12 months for the wood to dry naturally. The wood is then placed in a dry kiln for a further three or more weeks. The wood only enters our workshop when we are totally satisfied that it’s ready.

Over one thousand drawings
Before the craftsmen can craft, the draftsmen must draft. Preparing exact drawings of each part, with all the proportions and construction details carefully worked out.

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The Everdesk is available for sale. Starting today you can order yours.
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The Everdesk grows with your children. From books to laptop.
4 weeks ago
The Everdesk is available for sale. Starting today you can order yours.
Limited First Edition
Only 100 produced

Timeless and functional
from 3 to 13


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