My story

My dream? A desk.

By chance, I stumbled upon a beautiful old school desk in Vienna, when my first son was only a month old. It instantly became the centrepiece of our dining room. A marvel and a real conversation starter. It’s where my first son started doodling. And later, where he sat with his brother, both concentrating on their drawings or their homework.

Now my third child is using the desk, pursuing his own wonderful artistic adventures. It slowly became the designated free-standing “workspace” for my children, and thus helping keep the rest of the house clear of their mess. I wanted to share with other families and that is the reason I decided to design and produce my own desk - EverDesk.

creator of EverDesk, mother of three

Our customers’ story

Slow childhood

A true advocate of slow living, Bella was born and raised in Brasilia, currently living in Braga Portugal with her photographer husband and 2 princesses. Bella cherishes and stretches out the days, hours, and minutes spent with her daughters. When choosing furniture she prefers wood, long lasting, handcrafted pieces.

“Beautiful EverDesk is a part of the slow, happy childhood of my children.”

mother of two, Portugal

Style and durability in focus

Bette lives in Amsterdam in a typical dutch townhouse with her husband and 3 small boys. As an internationally recognised model she is used to being surrounded with beautiful items that is reflected in her home as well.

Style and durability are the key factors when she goes furniture shopping. She has fond memories using her childhood furniture with her brother and she kept a few for her boys (and they are using it still). Bette intends to keep EverDesk and pass it on to the next generation.

mother of three, Netherlands

Luxury in small moments

Morgan is photographer who lives in an apartment in Limoges, France with her husband and daughter. With a love affair for coffees and small moments she often captures her colourful life in black and white. Morgan appreciates the functionality of EverDesk, which is the dedicated corner of the artistic mother and daughter.

mother of one, France

Full of colors and laughter

The everyday life of Esther is full of colours, velvet and kids. She is the mother of a boy and a twin girl and boy, all under the age of 7. Esther is passionate about decorating and thrift shopping and constantly decorates and redecorates their family home with her mismatched, quirky style creating a cozy, warm harmony.  

She chose EverDesk for her ‘big boy’, Jamie, as part of the transformation from his room from baby to ‘big boy room’. Esther prefers furniture that has a character, well built and timeless that lasts a long time.

“Everest fits perfectly into Jamie’s small bedroom. Since it is adjustable he will be able use it for years before passing it down to the twins.”

mother of 3, Netherlands

EverDesk production story

What makes an EverDesk an EverDesk?

Building an EverDesk takes care, passion, and attention to detail. It begins from the moment we choose the wood from FSC® certified forests, wood that has been harvested to benefit communities, wildlife, and the environment.

Our 31 craftsmen have over twenty years of experience each and have a unique expertise and role in the production process. Their hands and eyes guide and control the quality throughout the manufacturing process whilst the machines we use are simply an extension of their hands. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality makes EverDesk stand out and last for generations.


" was in the living room that EverDesk naturally found its place in our home. And my daughter, who never wanted to do her homework at a desk, takes turns with her sister in the evenings to work there. So this is a success."

Photographer, mother of two

"I couldn't have done any of this without my amazing team of designers, engineers, craftsmen. I'm forever grateful for them, helping me realize a dream I never thought would come true. I'm truly amazed by their energy, drive and creativity.”

Eszter Papp
Creator of Everdesk
2 weeks ago
The Everdesk is available for sale. Starting today you can order yours.
3 weeks ago
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4 weeks ago
The Everdesk grows with your children. From books to laptop.
4 weeks ago
The Everdesk is available for sale. Starting today you can order yours.
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